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Friday, February 6, 2009

Caravan Of Hope - Visit Palestinian Refugee Camps In Syria & Jordan

Wake up and do something for your Palestinian brothers and sisters who are suffering, be pro-active and extend a much needed helping hand.

Join a small group of British Muslim brothers & sisters on an 8-10 day visit to Palestinian Refugee camps within Syria and Jordan.

Visit Baqaa & Wihdat Palestinian Refugee camps managed by UNRWA, and see for yourselves the appalling conditions families live under. Spend time mentoring Palestinian children. Give them a smile, encouragement, hope, and inspiration from the Sunnah.

This visit is a platform to assess how we can practically help the Refugee camps with future projects InshaAllah. The intention is to establish a monthly programme where Muslims with teaching skills/mentoring abilities can spend time (3-7 days a year) with Palestinian children.

Please collect donations from friends/family community and give 100% of that amount out yourselves by hand rather than relying on UK/US banks who at times freeze charitable aid instantly without notice (Interpal a classic example). It is not always a pre-requisite to go through monolithic aid agencies to give Sadaqah. As our Prophet pbuh advised us, when you have a good intention fulfill it immediately before something overcomes you.

Provisional Dates for 2 separate Groups: 4-13th February & 14-22nd February

All inclusive around £595. Return Flights £300, Visa processing/Hotels/Transport/Guides all included for £175. £125 going directly in aid to Baqaa & Wihdat Camps per person who travels.

Also you will have the opportunity to visit Damascus Ummayad Masjid and Yarmouk on the way to Amman.

Please contact

Emad : 07979 807 369 or

Bilal : 07984 100 580