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Friday, July 18, 2008

Thumbprint Vs. Face

I was blog hopping & I came across this interesting post about a fatwa issued in Egypt recently on the issue of forcing niqabis to remove their niqab. You can read the post here.

(Sorry for those who cannot read in bahasa melayu.)

A summary of the main point is that there was a fatwa released in Egypt stating that nobody has any right whatsoever to request any sister to remove her niqab, no rights, absolutely nada, zero.

Wouldn't it be lovely if that was the case worldwide... well yeah I know that change won't be overnight but application of such a method would be a sister's right!

I have come across a few situations where I was "required" to remove my niqab for identification purposes. I know its important to verify someone's identification but isn't there a better way?

I toyed with the idea of having a thumbprint identification method instead of the usual way of showing your photograph & your face. Hmmm... not a bad idea after all since there is no two thumbprints that are the same! Even a set of twins' thumbprints can never be the same.

All they need is a machine that reads your thumbprint or fingerprint. Now isn't that much better than having to force a sister to remove her niqab. She doesn't want to, so don't force her!

Their passports or identification cards or even driving licences can have a special thumbprint mark with a chip inside that validates the owner's thumbprint.

Now wouldn't that be making a niqabi sister's life much easier.

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