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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Alwida ya shahrul ramadhan

Sorry 2 disturb but it is your guest Ramadaan here ….

Just want 2 thank you 4 entertaining me this month,

But as I depart, with tears …..

I Beg of you 2 entertain my brother Shawaal &

The rest of them as you have me.

Please don't fold up your musallah

& pack away your Quraan,

Keep your heart firm on Imaan

I will definitely be back next year

But will you???????????

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Fariedah Miller said...

*As we enter the last days of Ramadhaan..we settle into that confined space and open our hearts to a deeper feeling of love for our الله ..we feel that connectiveness through the clench in our restrained thoughts and we yearn for the acceptance from الله ..that our humble efforts have been accepted..that our الله is pleased with us.. May الله grant us maghfirat and accept our duaas.. آمين.