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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Project Aila – A different approach

As you all know, Cyclone Aila has ravaged the south-western region of our country. There are people at this very moment dying of water-borne diseases and lack of clean drinking water or food. They have no access to shelter or clothing as their houses have either been blown away or are fully submerged in salt water. As privileged citizens, it is our duty to stand by these helpless people who have already borne the brunt of Hurricane Sidr.

~~~Long term help:-
Aid organizations generally run out of relief within 2-3 weeks after a disaster. They are forced to leave and the victims stay back with no funds to rebuild the houses or schools. In fact, the next time a natural calamity occurs they again end up having no access to clean drinking water. In order to rectify this, we have decided to collect money which will be used to build tube wells on high ground so that they aren’t submerged during the next natural disaster, ensuring a clean source of water for many people in the area, who will otherwise die the next time around. One deep tube well only costs between Tk 5000-7000, depending on the area. We will also rebuild as many houses and schools as is possible with the money we collect. The deadline for donating money is June 21.

~~Short term help:-
The acute need right now is to combat waterborne diseases. For this we will appreciate any donation in the form of oral saline (or ORSaline), Flagyl and water purification tablets. Also, there is a serious need for clothes. The deadline for these is June 14.

In order to ensure transparency we will upload the budget for a deep tube well as well as photo proof on CommunityAction’s Facebook group. The same will go for any houses or schools we help to remake.

We sincerely hope you will lend the Cyclone Aila victims your support. At the very least, let us all send out a prayer for them.

Drop off point: You don’t necessarily need to come and give us the money, an Actioneer will go and collect it from you if you want us to. Please let us know on our Facebook group or through If you would like to drop it off yourself, please note the following addresses:

Sohaila Ridwan,
Abdullah Ahmad Zabir
Paribag apartments
Flat B4, 1/G, Paribag.
1st apartment in the road adjacent to Paribag Mosque.
Phone: 01552335618


Nabila Idris
Niraloy Prova
Apt B3E, House 75,
Road 8A, Dhanmondi
Road adjacent to Almas Super Shop.


Nabila Mirza
871 South Shahjahanpur
Adjacent to rajarbaghpoliceline traffic island.
(with a big brown gate)
Phone: 01732658882 & 01199853205


Dr. Shamsunnahar Tarafder
Ibn Sina Hospital(2nd floor),
South Kallyanpur, Dhaka.
(Contact dis no. when u r in front of d hospital gate)
Phone: 01717692284


Flat A5, Building 2B
NAM Village
(Beside chairmanbari maath, two white adjacent buildings)
Banani 1, Block 1
Dhaka 1213
phone: 01818799032


Anonymous said...

read with appreciation!
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