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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Are you excited about Ramadan? Even more excited when you find out about *RAMADAN REMINDERS*
This year you can do so much more and really get the blessings and rewards of Ramadan - Join Yusuf Estes on HUDA TV & His new website:

New TV Show & Website
Ramadan Reminders - with Yusuf Estes on *HUDA TV*

Join us & let tell everyone you know (& even those you don't know) about our exciting new website - Ramadan Reminders actually "reminds" you daily of important things you want to do every day in Ramadan.

Not just another website talking about fasting - Join up now and tell it when and what you want to do in Ramadan - and get more rewards than ever before.Get amazing results in worship and get closer to Allah through the concepts of 'Daily Worship' plan for members - it really works – insha'Allah.

- Ramadan Calendar! Get Organized, Create Tasks List and Email Reminders click here

- Brief Introduction to Ramadan more..

- Obligations, Virtues, & Fast Breakers of Ramadan

- Basics Guide Towards Ramadan click here

- All You Need to Know About The Night Prayers

- The virtue of the last ten days of Ramadan more..

- Listen to lectures, watch videos, download Ramadan wallpaper and more..

- Watch Taraweeh Prayer, Live from Mecca

- Upload your favorite Quran reciter at

This website actually "reminds" you every day about the things you want to do and get rewards for - to make sure you get the most out of your fasting and prayers in this once a year chance in Islam.

Read what people are saying -

"Thank you to all of you who helped put this wonderful program and website together. I really love the way this website keeps me up to date and reminds me of all the wonderful things I wanted to get out of this most holy month. Never before have I seen anything like this and I do recommend it to all my friends. - thanks guys!" - Yusuf Estes

Go ahead - Join now and start right away getting the benefits and enjoying the reminders in Ramadan - Remember to get lots of extra rewards for telling others - forward this to everyone you know - right now...

And remember to watch for "Ramadan Reminders" on HUDA TV

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