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Friday, June 6, 2008

In My Frugal Living Folder

These are links to pages that I used to copy from.

Yes, I have to admit I like copying stuff from the net so that it'd be easy for me to access the information even if I was offline. So, since I am freeing up my valuable hard disk space I might as well share with you these links:

-> Top 10 Ways To Start Living The Frugal Life
~ Ready to give the frugal life a shot? Here are ten simple ways to get started!

-> Top 5 Painless Ways To Cut Your Spending
~ Cutting your spending doesn't have to mean lots of sacrifice. Try some of these painless cost-cutters, and watch your spending shrink.

-> Top 7 Ways To Save On Household Expenses
~ Running a household is an expensive affair, but there are lots of things that you can do to minimize the cost. Here are the top seven.

-> Top 5 Simple Ways To Get Serious About Saving
~ Saving money can be a real challenge when your budget is tight -- an unexpected expense here, another there; and oops there's no money left to save. If you're tired of having to put off saving, then this is for you!

-> How To Develop A Monthly Spending Plan
~ Create a monthly spending plan, and make budget shortages a thing of the past.

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