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Monday, June 30, 2008

Tesco Ampang Making The Right Moves

Hope everyone is in a cheerful mood (^_^)

I am really happy today because yesterday I clearly saw a positive sign that things might just be changing for a better future. Well, people have been slow to pick up here in Malaysia (kind of) compared to our Western counterparts.

Yesterday, wow yesterday... I went to do some grocery shopping at Tesco Ampang. At the checkout I saw a sign above the counter stating that every time anybody reuses a plastic bag or any other kind of bag they would give us 1 Tesco Clubcard point for every bag. *Yay!* Excellent excellent because for the past 2 months I have been using reusable totes every time I go to any grocery store. Beats having to carry so many plastic bags.

Not only that! On the opposite counter I saw this lady having I think the largest tote bag I've ever seen *I absolutely love humongous totes* putting her groceries in her tote. It was to me a great sight since I always felt alone when I would pull out my totes to put my groceries in. Everyone would stare! I mean, what's the big deal!

More great news... About a month ago, Tesco Ampang also opened a recycling place within the parking vicinity. Extremely convenient. Love the effort. I have been waiting long enough for somewhere close by to bring my recyclables! Plus, they are buying them off us at good prices.

For a clearer view of the prices in the image, just click on the image.

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